What is Google Vault?

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Google Vault is an information management and discovery tool that is compatible with many different types of Google Workspace data. Through the use of Google Vault, information from Google Workspace applications such as Gmail and Google Meet can be exported and retained indefinitely. While Google Drive functions as a temporary-to-long-term storage solution, Google Vault is primarily used to store large amounts of data for long-term purposes. In this article we will review the purpose of Google Vault and explain its key features. 

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What is Google Vault? 

As mentioned previously, Google Vault is primarily a long-term data storage service that is compatible with a variety of Google Workspace applications. By storing data in Google Vault, users can easily search for the information they need, and the information can be stored indefinitely. Sophisticated eDiscovery tools make it easy to sift through large quantities of stored data, streamlining a variety of information gathering operations. For example, archived Gmail records can be stored in Google Vault. This data can then be searched and indexed, making it easy to review past Gmail correspondence based on criteria such as date, keyword, or email addresses.

Why Use Google Vault?

Google Vault is useful for long-term data storage and retention. Instead of storing backups on a server or desktop, Google Vault offers a reliable, secure, and feature-rich mechanism for the storage of backup data. This data can include any file or document created in a Google Workspace application such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc.

Compatible Google Applications

Google Vault is compatible with a variety of Google Workspace applications and data types:

  • Gmail Messages
  • Google Drive Files (Docs, Spreadsheets, etc)
  • Google Chat Messages
  • Google Meet Recordings
  • Google Groups Messages

Essentially, Google Vault functions as a reliable backup solution for all of your Google Workspace projects. Instead of cluttering your active Google Drive with message logs and outdated files, put them in the vault for indefinite, easily searchable storage. Since Google Vault is integrated with other Google applications, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues like you would with 3rd party data storage solutions.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Google Vault, consider setting up Gmail accounts to get started with Google Workspace.

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