How to Fix the Insecure SSL Error due to SHA-1 Deprecation

Google Chrome Insecure SSL warning example


The most recent versions of Google Chrome will show a severe warning for certificates encoded in SHA-1 that are set to expire after January 1, 2017. In this article, we will discuss why this error occurs, and how to avoid and correct it.

Who is affected by the Insecure SSL error?

Since SSL certificates are issued yearly by InMotion Hosting, this will not apply to most of our SSL ccertificates. There are 2 criteria you have to meet, in order for your site to show up as Insecure in Google Chrome.

  1. Your SSL certificate expires after January 1st, 2017.
  2. Your SSL was created using SHA-1 hashing. You can test your SSL by navigating here, (be sure to replace with your actual domain name):

    If your Signature Algorithm is lower than “sha256” you must fix your SSL. In the example below, the Signature Algorithm is “sha384,” so there is no need to fix it:
    View of SHA with SSL Checker


What Causes the Insecure SSL error?

While SSL certificates are currently secure, Google considers the SHA-1 hash algorithm insecure after 2016. This is due to reports from some security companies, that online attackers could feasibly compromise SSL certificates keyed with SHA-1 hash. Due to this, Google Chrome has started to flag these SSL certificates as insecure (see the screenshot at top of this article).

How to Fix the Insecure SSL Error

If your SSL certificate expires after 2016, and was created using SHA-1 hashing it will need to be rekeyed.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. A few of my clients have started getting SSL errors in Chrome. You’ve saved my team hours of research/troubleshooting time.

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