.htaccess file reference list

The .htaccess files on your server are for making configuration changes to apache on a per directory basis. For more information on what the .htaccess is se our article on What is the .htaccess file and what do I use it for? The following is a list of articles that explain different uses for the .htaccess file.

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  1. Enabling mod_speling would not effect the inmotionhosting shared platform users detrimentally.  All the shared web hosting users would get a benefit. Being able to overcome a visitors to our web site url case typo’s would seem like a good thing.  Right now, to have this enabled requires an Inmotionhosting up sell upgrade.  I am going to have find a web hosting platform that does things with more common sense.

  2. I did as you sugest.  It sure seems like a reasonable sugestion…………

    I am learning this is one of the “got ya’s” that Inmotionhosting seems to use to do up selling.… I am really thinking of terminating….. This is really too bad becuase the sales guy seemed very sincere and I liked the pitch. But I am learning (the hard way) that Inmotionhosting may not be my new home. The Inmotionhosting support response to turning on mod_speling was a very firm “NO”, “IF you need it then upgrade” to one of their more expense platforms.  I asked how to escalate the issue and was told it wouldN’T be possible to talk to anyone else or to reach someone at the NOC to explore a work arround.

    The more I learn about Inmotionhosting ……their business model seem to be “hok em” and “upp sell”!

    1. Our systems administrators cannot make system-wide configuration changes in a shared hosting environment based on individual requests. This rule is not a sales-driven decision, rather it is in place only to make sure that one user cannot affect the others in the shared environment.

  3. Not allowed to.

    Is there a regex work arround?


    RewriteEngine on

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} [A-Z] 
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ${tolower:$1}
    1. Why not reach out to your host and ask them to look at the 500 error in the apache error log? This would at least let you begin to understand why you’re getting a 500 error. And I’m not sure why you’re not allowed to verify id mod_speling is not enabled. Your hosting provider should be able to answer that.

  4. using CheckCaseOnly On in .htaccess throws an 500 error.


    see: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/mod_speling.html

    1. When using CheckCaseOnly on you need to ensure it is applying that configuration to mod_speling. I have included what that should look like below, You will also need to ensure you have mod_speling enabled in your apache configuration.

      CheckCaseOnly on

  5. how do I stop the hot linking protection for the whole site turning its-self on when I only want to stop some sites.

    I do not want to stop others like google from accessing the graphics which is what happens when the hotlinking protection is on

    1. It will not turn on automatically and if you turned it off within cPanel it should stay that way. This can, however, be changed by other scripts that my write to your .htaccess file such as security plugins for WordPress.

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