404 Error occurs in PrestaShop 1.5 login

Error 404 will show when URL Rewriting is disabled

The MOD REWRITE (URL rewriting) is active by default on all InMotion Hosting servers. However, this setting can be manipulated in the .htaccess file. Prestashop requires that URL rewriting be active when Friendly URLs are enabled as an option. If the URL rewriting is disabled, then a 404 error will appear when attempting to use the login for the PrestaShop website. The following steps explain how to correct this error on your InMotion Hosting account.

Fixing a 404 Error in PrestaShop when Mod_Rewrite is Disabled

  1. How to log into cPanel
  2. Click onFile Manager and then navigate to the installation location of your PrestaShop installation.
  3. At the root of your PrestaShop installation look for the .htaccess file.  Click on the file to highlight it and then click on EDIT or CODE EDIT at the top of the File Manager in order to edit the file.
  4. Shows that mod_rewrite is disabled

    URL Rewriting is on by default on all InMotioniHosting servers.  This means that you do not need to specifically have code in the .htaccess file to turn on the option. However, code can be included in the .htaccess file that can turn OFF the option and may often be the source of the problem.  Observe the screenshot at right for an example of how this may appear.

  5. Edit the .htaccess file and turn mod_rewrite so that it is ON To enable seet the Rewrite Engine setting to ON (‘RewriteEngine on’). If it is disabled, you will see it set as ‘RewriteEngine off’.
  6. Click on Save Changes in the top righ hand corner of the editor.

If URL Rewrite enabled, then the 404 error will not appear.  For more information about enabling Friendly URLs, go to How to set up Search Engine Friendly URLs in PrestaShop 1.5.

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