How to start your Minecraft Server with a Custom JAR

There are a lot of different ways you can customize your Minecraft Server Hosting plan. Before you can do that you will need to know how to start your server from Custom JARs in order to be able to use the platforms such as Paper, Forge, Spigot, etc. This guide will cover how to set up and use any JAR file on your Minecraft server.

Setting Your Server to Launch from a Custom JAR

  • Login to your Game Management Panel and double-click on your Minecraft instance.
  • Click Stop and wait for the server to full stop before proceeding.
  • Navigate using the menu on the left side of your screen to the Configuration Section.
  • Click on the Server Settings Option
  • On this screen you will have three sections that will allow you to select the Server/JAR type and version  of your choice. First you want to Navigate to the Server Type Section as Shown below and Select the Type of Server you are looking to host, for this example we selected Forge.
  • Next it is important that we also specify the Version we want to use.
  • And finally you will want to go back to the Server Type Section
    and Click the Download / Update button. Then proceed to Select the new JAR from the Server JAR  Selection Tool

  • (Optional) In the case that you want to upload your own JAR file or the JAR type you are looking for is not present in the lists above, use one of the methods below and then reference back to Step 5.3 to select the JAR for server start-up.
    • Upload it to your server via the File Manager or SFTP
    • Use the Download Here tool in the Game Management Panel by Navigating your way to the FIle Manager > Right-Clicking to get the menu below.
    • Click the Download file here button and paste in the Direct URL of the JAR file of your choice and click OK.
  • Check your JAR Provider’s documentation to confirm what version of Java it requires and confirm that the version is set by navigating to the Configuration Menu and clicking the Java and Memory link as seen below.
  • On this new screen you will see a section called Java Version. Select the Java version you need using the drop-down menu.
  • You are Almost Done! Just Head over to the Console and Start your Minecraft Server.

Congratulations! Your server is now running on your Custom JAR! Don’t forget to bookmark our Minecraft Server Hosting Product Guide for more helpful tutorials on how to build and manage your game server.

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