WHMCS Error “You Are Not Assigned”

In this, article we’ll be addressing the “You are not assigned to any ticket department” error in WHMCS. The procedure for solving this issue is as follows:

Follow along with the steps below to complete this tutorial.

Go To “Setup”

As soon as you log into your WHMCS admin area, you will see the setup tab at the top of the screen. Click Setup to begin.

Select Administrator Users

Once you’re in the setup area, select Administrator Users from the list of option boxes. Then, you will see your user available.

Edit Your User Details

Edit Button to make changes

Click the edit button to make changes to your user account.

Assign Departments

Here, you will see available “Assigned Departments.” Check the boxes for departments you wish to subscribe to and you will be available to view tickets for those departments as normal.

Why The Error Occurs

For some background information, let’s try to understand why this error occurs in the first place. For starters, we must examine the complete error:

You are not assigned to any ticket departments so cannot view or reply to any tickets

This error simply indicates your user account is not assigned to any ticket departments. Thus, you cannot view them. Fix this error by following the steps above.

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