How To Fix The WHMCS “Down For Maintenance” Error

Receiving obscure errors on your WHMCS page can be alarming. Is something broken? What do I do now? In this article, we’ll take a look at the “down for maintenance” error and what you can do to fix it.

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Troubleshooting Steps for Maintenance Mode

Below are some steps for troubleshooting the “down for maintenance” error in WHMCS. Now, this error can come in different forms. If you’re seeing a generic “down for maintenance” error and the client area is blocked, check to see if maintenance mode is on. On the alternate path, if you’re seeing “down for maintenance” and “update in progress” proceed to the upgrade in progress section of this article.

Check If Maintenance Mode Is On

First things first, it’s possible maintenance mode was turned on during updates and is still set to the “On” position. This is an easy fix.

  1. Log into your WHMCS account
  2. Click the Setup tab
  3. Open General Settings (you may be asked to confirm your password, no sweat)
  4. Uncheck Maintenance Mode under the General tab

Now, you should notice the maintenance mode error has lifted. If not, stay tuned for the other troubleshooting steps we can take next.

Upgrade In Progress?

As explained in the WHMCS documentation, sometimes there can be a mismatch between updated files and an older database. In this case, it is recommended that you re-upload the most current version of the WHMCS core files and follow any update prompts that are presented to you.

The Purpose of Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode is no reason to panic. It actually exists for a reason. Maintenance mode should be turned on any time that you are going to be performing maintenance on your site. This will disable the client area to alleviate any risk of losing data that might not save properly during your maintenance window.

WHMCS Reseller Hosting Plans

Our reseller plans come with everything you need to start a web hosting business. WHMCS is a complete solution that lets you sell domains, hosting, and provide customer relations and support. As an InMotion Hosting reseller, you get a free license key to the full version of WHMCS. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out anytime.

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