How to Set a Custom World Seed on your Minecraft Server

Have you ever wanted to play on the same world as your favorite content creator or friend, but all you receive when you look into it is a Seed composed of a random line of numbers and letters you don’t know what to do with? This guide will answer that question of how you can use that Seed on your very own Minecraft Server Hosting plan.

Set a Custom World Seed

  • Login to your Game Management Panel and double-click on your Minecraft instance.
  • Click Stop and wait for the server to full stop before proceeding.
  • Navigate using the menu on the left side of your screen to the Configuration Section.
  • Click on the Server Settings Option.
  • Locate the World Seed Option and enter the seed of your choice.

  • You are Almost Done! Just Head over to the Console and Start your Minecraft Server.

Congratulations, you’re all done! Your server is now using your Custom Seed to generate the terrain within your Minecraft World. Don’t forget to bookmark our Minecraft Server Hosting Product Guide for more helpful tutorials on how to build and manage your game server.

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