How to Move a Website to InMotion Hosting Shared Server

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If your website is on a shared hosting provider using cPanel then it actually very easy to move your site to a new shared hosting provider that is also using cPanel. Follow these six steps:

  1. Assessment – review your website before you move it so that you include everything you want to move and remove anything that you don’t want to transfer.
  2. Complete cPanel Backup – create a complete backup using the tools that come with cPanel. The complete backup is what’s used in the transfer.
  3. Provide access to the backup file – to transfer to InMotion you will need to give access to the backup file or provide the actual file itself.
  4. Restore complete baackup – InMotion Hosting will restore the backup to an shared server.
  5. Transfer the domain – make sure that the domain name has been transferred or the name servers are pointing to the InMotion Hosting server.
  6. Test your site – once the transfer is completed, check all the functionality of your website to make sure that the transfer worked with no problem.
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