Building Your Brand as a Web Hosting Reseller

An Introduction to Building Your Reseller Brand

In this guide we will present some of the various ways you can begin to build a brand as a web host reseller. The benefit of reseller hosting is that we have taken care of a lot of the difficult work for you. You do not need to worry about server maintenance and administration; we’ve taken care of that so you can focus on marketing your business the way that works best for you.

Designing the Look and Feel of Your Reseller Services

A survey of popular web hosts would reveal that they each have their own distinctive look, feel, or style. They have a graphical representation of the values of their company.

With reseller access you can re-brand your hosting services with original artwork.

From whatever stage in the brand-building process you find yourself, it is always wise to take a step back and rethink your look. This is likely the first thing your customers will see when they discover your website or social media pages.

Keep Your Mission at the Center of Your Brand

As a reseller, you determine your focus. Your customers will be interested to know where your focus is dedicated. If you have a specialty then you should emphasize it. If your focus is customer service then the front page of your site should make this declaration instantly visible.

Your expertise and special qualification is what will help your particular brand of web hosting stand out from the rest.

Participate in a Community

If you contribute to forums regularly then you understand how much information is exchanged among members. If you an expert in anything there is likely a forum for it.

Maintaining a lively community forum for your product can help establish you as an expert in your field. If there is a particular aspect of web hosting that you excel at then make sure your talents are reflected in your community. This will help establish you and your brand as an authority in your area.

Develop Your Brand Through Social Media

All of the above headings presented here can be incorporated into your social media campaigns.

Your regular appearance and contribution to social media discussion helps establish your brand in the web hosting atmosphere. If you only post a comment or two once every few weeks potential new customers may pass right by without noticing you at all.

Likewise, your quick response to customer problems vented over social media is not only encouraged but expected. If your customer wants to share a problem to their social media audience then you should be ready with a response.

Reseller Hosting is More Affordable Now with Great Hosting Packages

If you’re interested in becoming a web hosting reseller you can check out one of our reseller hosting plans. We make an effort of always being available and ready to serve our resellers. Feel free to get in touch with one of our sales agents if you have any questions.

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