How to Market Yourself as a Reseller


In the course of managing your web hosting enterprise it is easy to get sidetracked by technical concerns. The advantages of your reseller hosting plan is that we have the technical side covered. So you can focus on the best ways to make your company stand out in the web hosting marketplace.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional in web hosting, you will need a marketing strategy that will set you apart from other hosts. There are as many methods and strategies for marketing a business as there are for operating a business. However, there are a few basic guidelines to follow in all situations.

Know Your Customers

As a web hosting reseller you should have a working knowledge of your current customer base or the customers you hope to earn over time. Are they small business owners? Are they web developers? Knowing your customer will help you develop your marketing strategy and eventually help you build your hosting packages.

Define Your Mission

Web hosting companies offer virtually the same services: hosting space, domain registration, cPanel, etc. What sets a company apart is a mission, or an area of special focus. Is your company focused on customer service? Is your company focused on hosting services or security? Once you know your area of concentration it will be easier to steer your marketing decisions in that direction.

Develop Your Brand

Your brand will expand upon your company’s focus. Think of an instantly recognizable brand of any product you encounter daily. It is likely that product brand has a visual theme and purpose you have committed to memory.

Think of how you can make your brand familiar with your current customers and potentially new customers. Branding your hosting services is covered in more detail in our full guide about reseller branding.

Social Media

Make sure your social media accounts are updated at regular intervals with new content. Inform your customers of new products, services, or hosting resources. You may also consider advertising promotional offers.

Likewise, your customers may comment with kudos or concerns on your social media platforms. Check your pages often so you can respond to these posts in a timely fashion. You don’t want your customers to feel as if you’re ignoring them.

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