How to Create Articles in Joomla 4

How to create articles in Joomla 4

One of the primary content types in your Joomla system is articles. Articles can be used as individual pages or blog posts, depending on how you want to organize and display them to your users. In this article, you will learn how to create and edit articles in your Joomla dashboard. You will also become familiar with the article creation interface and the associated metadata you can attach to your articles that will allow for better organization of your content over time. Adding detailed metadata can help make your articles easily searchable and categorized as you add virtually unlimited content to your site.

Whether you are writing articles on a Joomla VPS or similar hosting, this procedure will be standard across Joomla installations.

How To Create Articles in Joomla 4

  1. Log into your Joomla admin area
  2. Click + under Content > Articles
    Click plus for new article
  3. Fill in the title field
    Provide title
  4. Fill in your article text
    Add article text

By default your status will will be set to “Published”. This means when you click Save & Close or Save, the article will be live on your site. If you want to take an article down, you can switch it to “Unpublished”. You also have a status for “Archived” and “Trashed”. Archiving an article basically allows you to keep the article on your site, but separate it from the newer or more relevant content. Trashed status will remove the article from your site.

Article status changes

Controlling Access

Joomla allows you set different levels of access to certain users and groups. By default article access will be set to “Public”, but you can choose any user level you wish:

Access levels for articles

Using Tags

Identifying articles by a “tag” can provide another form of taxonomic order. If you have a lot of articles on your site, using tags can help you find an article in the stack quickly and easily. Likewise, users can search by tag on the front end of your site as well.

Articles tags

Articles Notes

Articles also provide note-taking features. You can provide a general note about the article and a specific version note, which will appear when reviewing different versions of the article.

Notes for articles
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