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There are many educational software options available, also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS). They can help you keep track of grades, give tests, and administer classes. Moodle, and Blackboard are two of the most popular of the many Learning Management Systems available. In this tutorial I will compare Moodle and Blackboard, to help you gain understanding of the differences. Then, it will be easier for you to decide which software option works best for your class or school system.

How much do they cost?

MoodleFree, open-source, and available for download from the Official Moodle website. You can also easily install Moodle using Softaculous


Blackboard Pricing depends on your specific needs. You must contact Blackboard for a quote.

You will immediately notice the difference in pricing. This is due to Moodle being free and open-sourced, so you do not need to buy a license. Keep in mind, you will still need a server to host the Moodle software on. With Blackboard the price depends on how many licenses you need. It can also include the cost of hosting or server management together with the license fees.

What are the server requirements?

With Moodle and Blackboard the PHP and Database requirements are similar. You will want to consider the type of servers you are currently running. For example, if you are using Windows based servers for email, it will usually be easier to run another Windows server.
Minimum Requirements
Moodle (source)
Blackboard (source)
Operating SystemPHP 5.4.4Microsoft Windows Server®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Sun Solaris™
Database optionsPostgreSQL 9.1, MariaDB 5.5.31, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle Database 10.2Microsoft SQL Server®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Sun Solaris – Oracle® database

Moodle / Blackboard Feature Chart

Here is a quick comparison of the popular features in Moodle and Blackboard. Keep in mind that most of these options are built-in, but some will require add-ons, or additional modules. Click the check mark (✓) for additional information.
Grade Management
Student Roster / Attendance Management
Quiz/Test implementation
Discussion Forum
Language Learning options
Lesson Planner

Help Options

When you are deciding on a software for your school or university to use, it is important to take into account the level of support included with the software. Since Moodle is free and open-source, there are many avenues for finding help, but no “live” technical support. Since you will need to purchase licenses for Blackboard, there will be some level of support, based on the license.

Support optionMoodleBlackboard
Knowledge Base
Live Tech Support
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