Fixing the Email issue with OpenCart 1.5

Who is affected?

If you are are an OpenCart ecommerce software user and find that emails never seem to come to you, then the information share below is for you. At present, this issue is known to affect OpenCart 1.5x users.

What is the problem?

OpenCart can send emails back to an administrator for a variety of notices. If you find that you’re missing notification emails, such as a new user, order confirmation, and user feedback, then instructions below can fix your problem.

How to fix the OpenCart Email Issue?

  1. If you are on a Business Hosting account or have a VPS/Dedicated server hosting account without root access, please submit a support ticket to our live support team asking to whitelist your domain on the server. The command will look like this: sa_whitelist -a
  2. Log into the OpenCart Administrator Dashboard
  3. Select store from menu

    Click on System, then select your store and click on Edit at the far right of the screen.

  4. Select store from menu

    Click on the tab labeled Mail

  5. Select store from menu

    Click on the field in Mail Parameters and then type the following: [email protected]. The “” should be the URL for your domain.

Once you have the mail parameter changed and saved you will need to test it. Test the changes by using the “Contact us” form. You should also run a test with test orders and new account alerts to verify that the email notifications from OpenCart are working properly. If you continue to have problems, please make sure to submit a support ticket to our live technical support department to double-check the email functionality on your server

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0 thoughts on “Fixing the Email issue with OpenCart 1.5

  1. Above comment is VITAL to this article. It was for me anyway.

    Make sure you put: ssl// infront of SMTP Hostname!!!

    Please add this VERY IMPORTANT piecce of information to the article.

  2. Dont forget to put: ssl:// infront of SMTP Hostname or it wont work.

    Like so: ssl://

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