Creating Attribute Groups in OpenCart 1.5


When you are creating your OpenCart products you may want to add more information at the bottom of your product description. This section is a tab named “Specifications”. By Default the bottom Attributes are “Description” and “Reviews”. See image to the right.

To add another tab that contains “Specifications” for your product, you can create an Attribute group, Add Attributes to the Attribute group, and add the Attributes to your Products. This tutorial will start with creating the Attribute groups in OpenCart.

Creating Attribute groups

  1. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard.
  2. Attribute groups in OpenCart

    Go to Catalog > Attributes > Attribute Groups.

  3. Insert new attribute group OpenCart

    To create a new Attribute Group, click Insert.

  4. Save the changes OpenCart

    Type in your Attribute Group Name. Click Save.

    Group in list OpenCart

    Now you will se the new Attribute Group in the list.

Next Step:

The next step to set up your Attributes in your OpenCart site is to Add the Attributes to the Attribute Group.

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