Domain Registration Terms of Service

Last Updated: January 1, 2023

  1. Subject to Universal Terms of Service: The following DOMAIN REGISTRATION TERMS OF SERVICE (“Domain Registration ToS”) supplement and are subject to InMotion Hosting, Inc.’s (“Company”) Universal Terms of Service (“UToS”), which are incorporated herein by this reference. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the UToS. In the event of a conflict between these Domain Registration ToS and the UToS, these Domain Registration ToS shall control.
  1. Product. Company offers Customers fee-based domain name registrations and transfers, domain name privacy and domain name renewal services (collectively, “Domain Registration Product”). Company has the ability to host any domain name for a Customer Account. Customer may also purchase any available top-level domain with the following domain name extensions: .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, or .info. Domain registrations are for one (1) year.
  1. Free Domain Name Credit. Some of Company’s web hosting plans offer free domain name registration or free domain name transfer (if available), each of which has a monetary value at the then current amount (“Domain Name Credit”). The Domain Name Credit may be used by Customer to cover the cost for the first year of a new domain registration with any of the available top-level domains referenced in section 2, or a domain transfer fee. When Customer’s domain registration is due for renewal, the applicable then current pricing will be applied for such renewal.
  1. Domain Name Privacy: The Domain Registration Product allows for domain privacy features, which masks the identification of Customer’s identifying and contact information (i.e., name, address, email, telephone number, and administrative and technical contacts (“WHOIS Data”)) from the WHOIS registry. In the event this fee-based feature is implemented by Customer, except for the “Organization Name” (as that is the legal owner of the domain), the relevant domain name WHOIS Data will be replaced with Company’s information.
  1. Domain Name Transfers: Customer may request, for a fee, the transfer of Customer’s domain name to Company, for Company to be listed as the domain name registrar (i.e., business that handles the reservation of domain names as well as the assignment of IP addresses for those domain names), through OpenSRS. A transfer will allow Customer to manage Customer’s domain name in the Customer Account. Domain name registrar transfers will extend the current expiration date for one year. Only domain registrations with the extensions .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, or .info may be transferred to Company.
  1. Signup, Fees and Auto-Renewal: To implement the Domain Registration Product, Customer must sign up and pay, at the then current Domain Registration Product fee (“Domain Registration Product Fee”), for the Domain Registration Product on the Website(s) or within the Customer Account (i.e., via Company’s account management panel (“AMP”)). The Domain Registration Product Fee will automatically renew upon expiration of the then current term for a renewal period equal in time to the most recent service period. See UToS for more information on autorenewals. To ensure timely domain name registration, renewals (and payment thereof) occur on the date listed in the Customer Account, with the exception of domain name registrations and Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) renewals, both of which renew on or approximately two (2) weeks prior to the date listed in the Customer Account. In the event Company is unable to renew Customer’s domain name, for any reason, Customer assents, acknowledges and agrees Company may, but is not obligated to, renew Customers domain name for a period less than Customer’s original registration period to the extent necessary for the transaction to succeed. In the event, for any reason, Company is not able to process Customer’s payment from the payment method within the Customer Account, and/or Customer fails to respond to any Company renewal notices, Customer’s domain name registration will expire. Customer is solely responsible to keep Customer’s payment method in the Customer Account accurate and current.
  1. Non-Refundable and Cancellation of Product: Customer acknowledges and agrees the Domain Registration Product Fee(s) is non-refundable and the Domain Registration Product is non-cancellable.