White Glove Terms of Service

Last Updated: January 1, 2023

  1. Subject to Universal Terms of Service: The following WHITE GLOVE TERMS OF SERVICE (“White Glove ToS”) supplement and are subject to InMotion Hosting, Inc.’s (“Company”) Universal Terms of Service (“UToS”), which are incorporated herein by this reference. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the UToS. In the event of a conflict between these White Glove ToS and the UToS, these White Glove ToS shall control.
  1. Product: Company offers Customers a “white glove” fee-based product in which Customers may retain a web designer, as selected by Company, to assist Customer with modifying Customer’s existing WordPress website (“White Glove Product”).
  1. Audit and Fee: An audit of the Customer’s website will be conducted by Company after payment of a fee by Customer. After the audit of Customer’s website to determine if Customer’s requests are within Company’s scope of support and ability to modify Customer’s website, Company will present Customer with a scope of work (“SOW”), which shall list the proposed work and fee for such work (“White Glove Fee”). In the event Customer accepts the SOW and pays the White Glove Fee, Company shall deduct the audit fee from the White Glove Fee.
  1. Non-Refundable Product and Cancellation: Customer acknowledges and agrees the White Glove Fee is non-refundable, and these White Glove ToS non-cancellable.