Registering a New Domain Name

Domains can be easily registered right within your Account Management Panel (AMP). The domain TLD (top level domain) extensions we can register here at InMotion Hosting are listed here: Available Domain Extensions .com .net .org .us .biz .info Of note, if you want to register a domain name with a .us extension, you will need Read More >

How to Use the BoldGrid Website Builder

The BoldGrid Website Builder helps you take your WordPress site to the next level. You can  easily change the look and style of your website with the visual drag and drop editor. Quickly add engaging content ideas for your specific industry to draw more visitors and engagement. There’s no need to know website coding, but Read More >

Minecraft Game Panel – Using Plugins

When running your own Minecraft Server instance, you have the ability to install custom plugins. These plugins can add more functionality to your servers, such as advanced chat (EssentialsX), compatibility (ViaVersion), and moderation tools (LuckPerms), among many other things. For example, if you want more control over user access or to block hacks, you can Read More >

Minecraft Instance Configuration Options

When you are managing your own Minecraft Server instance, you have the ability to customize the game how you want it to run. There are many configuration options that you can access from the Minecraft Game panel. For example, you can select settings such as the difficulty of the game, maximum world size, or log Read More >

Updating AMP in the Game Management Panel

Your Minecraft Server includes a Game Panel that is powered by AMP and any time an update is available it will automatically notify you. It is recommended to perform these updates when possible since they can contain new features and keep your server protected from known bugs.  In this guide, we’ll show you the steps Read More >

Using the Game Management Panel Console

When managing a Minecraft Server, you have the ability to run console commands not only within the game but also in the Game Panel. This can save you time by allowing commands to run without logging into the actual game. Quickly find out information about your server or make changes using Minecraft commands. This guide Read More >

Minecraft Server Instance Management

You have access to view or change your Minecraft Server instance information within the Game Management Panel interface. From there you can perform tasks such as viewing your connection settings, updating Minecraft, starting/stopping an instance, deleting an instance, or changing the port you are using for SFTP among many other things. This lets you modify Read More >

Game Management Panel Security and Privacy Options

The Minecraft Server plans include a Game Panel with built-in security and privacy options to help you protect your server instances. These can be adjusted to make accessing your server more or less secure. For example, for more security, you can limit the type of files that can be uploaded, or make it required for Read More >

Managing Backups in the Game Management Panel

When managing your Minecraft Server it’s recommended that you perform backups at regular intervals, or before making major modifications. This would allow you to roll back the changes if any problems occur. For example, if you are testing out a new 3rd party plugin or changing the server configuration, make a backup and enter a Read More >

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