How to Enable/Disable Backups Using the Backup Manager

The InMotion Hosting Backup Manager plugin integrates cPanel with the remote backup system to allow you to maintain your backup data. For instance, you can perform a restoration, monitor the backup storage capacity, and control which data is backed up and how often. In this guide, you can learn how to enable/disable remote backups using the InMotion Hosting Backup Manager plugin in cPanel.

WARNING: These instructions pertain to the management of the Automated Backups that are stored remotely. For more information and details regarding cPanel backups, please be sure to check out our guides: How to Perform a Full Backup in cPanel and Restoring a Backup.

How to Enable/Disable Backups

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click on the Backup Manager icon.
  3. Click the Backup Settings & Scheduling tab.
  4. Click on the expand/collapse triangle next to the Backup Type you would like to adjust the settings for.
  5. Click on the Enable or Disable Backups toggle button.
  6. Click the Apply Changes button to save your new settings.

Congratulations! Now, you know how to enable/disable the Home Directory and MySQL backups using the Backup Manager plugin.

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4 thoughts on “How to Enable/Disable Backups Using the Backup Manager

  1. The problem Don noted has not been fixed in the automated email that gets sent when you exceed backup storage amount.

    1. Hello Ruth – I double-checked the account notes and they indicate that your backups have exceeded the storage provided. The notifications are automated and would not be sent unless your storage is full. You can purchase 10 GB blocks using the link provided in the email sent to you, or if you wish to discuss the problem, then you can contact our live technical support team ( via phone/chat/email. You will need to look at the files that are being saved to backup in order to determine what is causing your storage issues. If you require assistance, please contact support immediately.

  2. Actually, no. This article was directly linked from an email sent to me by inmotionshosting about “Your server has exceeded your backup storage amount.” The hypertext link said “decrease your disk usage”. I looked at the above article and it has NOTHING to do with decreasing my disk usage. I’m sure the article is helpful, but why Inmotionhosting would send me here is beyond me.

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