How to Reset cPanel Passwords in Reseller WHM

Part of being a reseller hosting provider is helping your customers when they have issues and need help. In this article, we will show you how to reset a cPanel password using WHM. These steps will work for the VPS reseller program as well as the shared option.

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How to Reset a cPanel Password in WHM

If your customers should lose their password you may need to reset it for them. Here is a quick way to log into WHM to reset a cPanel password. Your customers should not have access to WHM.

  1. List Accounts under Account InformationLog into WHM
  2. Click + signUnder Account Information choose List Accounts
  3. Change Password screenClick the + sign next to account you are managing and the dropdown will appear
  4. Under the domain name you will see Change Password:
  5. Fill in your customer’s preferred password
  6. Click Change

At this point, you should see the confirmation screen. This means you have successfully updated the cPanel password.

If you’re looking for information that you can share with your customers on resetting the cPanel through the Account Management Panel (AMP) or cPanel itself, check out our tutorial:  How to Change Your cPanel Password.

You can now update passwords for all of the cPanel accounts you manage. Remember, any users with WHM access can perform this function. So you must be cautious. Only grant access to administrators you trust.

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2 thoughts on “How to Reset cPanel Passwords in Reseller WHM

  1. all inmotion hosting 

    i have one very important question, i have a re seller account here and my clinets want to re set thier password for cpanel each account 

    how do i do 

    please any help will appricatred 

    thanks in advance



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