eNom Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller Accounts

Per eNom, all Sub-Reseller accounts created underneath another Sub-Reseller will be migrated to the parent reseller on June 19, 2020. The creation and management of Sub-Reseller accounts created underneath another Sub-Reseller will no longer be supported. Sub-Reseller accounts will still retain the management options for Sub-Retail accounts.

Notification of this action started on May 12, 2020, for all Sub-Resellers directly underneath the parent reseller. All Sub-Resellers underneath another Sub-Reseller were scheduled to be notified on May 19, 2020. eNom is streamlining the creation of reseller accounts to this new model.

This article will define the difference between a Sub-Reseller and Sub-Retail accounts. The old and new models for Sub-Resellers will also be graphically explained.

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Sub-Reseller versus a Sub-Retail account

A Sub-Reseller account allows a user to use the services of eNomCentral like any reseller. They can register domain names, sell SSL certificates, and manage the services that are offered to the client. After June 19, 2020 Sub-Resellers will only be able to create Sub-Retail accounts. The main difference between a Sub-Reseller and Sub-Retail account is how domain name registrations and services are paid, the account information that each account type can access, and the options that they can use. The following table is a summary of the typical options that differ between the account types:

Pay for services offered from an account balancePay for services offered using a credit card on file
Can not see credit card or purchase history of Sub-Retail accountsCan view, edit, manage account information, and make changes to domains
Can View domain listingsUnable to set up sub-accounts
View Support Center tickets
View reports

Sub-Reseller and Sub-Retail accounts are responsible for any chargebacks that they may face with their respective clients. If there are issues with fraudulent transactions, then they are required to notify eNom’s Risk Management department ([email protected]). For more information, please read the Reseller Agreement and Merchant Services Agreement. You can also get further details in eNom’s article KB 1184 Sub-Account Reseller versus Retail Access Restrictions.

Changes to the eNom Reseller Model

After June 19, eNomCentral reseller accounts will not be able to create Sub-Reseller accounts. Prior to that date, these accounts could also create their own Sub-Reseller accounts. eNom is making an effort to streamline the reseller and Sub-Reseller account relationships by changing all Sub-Reseller accounts under another Sub-Reseller account so that they are placed directly under the parent reseller. InMotion Hosting is the parent reseller for hosting reseller accounts subscribed through InMotion. They are removing the ability of a Sub-Reseller account to create another Sub-Reseller account. This graphic representation of the original reseller model:

Old reseller model used by eNom
Old Sub-Reseller model (before June 19, 2020) courtesy of eNom.

The new model takes all of the Sub-Reseller accounts under another Sub-Reseller and re-associates them directly to the parent-reseller. All Sub-Retail accounts will remain in place and Sub-Reseller accounts will no longer be able to create child Sub-Reseller accounts. This graphic shows how the Sub-Reseller relationship will change:

New sub-reseller model used by eNom
New Sub-Reseller model (after June 19, 2020) courtesy of eNom.

eNom has made the effort to contact all sub-account owners to notify them of the change. You can find the official documentation on the upcoming changes and the differences in the sub-accounts in the following eNom publications:

To learn more about eNomCentral and being a reseller, please see our Reseller Hosting Product guide.

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