InMotion Hosting Launches Powerful New Reseller VPS Hosting

As an industry leader in the web hosting space, thousands have enjoyed InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting product. It allowed customers to become their own web hosts, using InMotion Hosting’s resources to run their businesses. Yet, many wanted a SSD Reseller Hosting option that offered even more power. To that end, we have developed our incredible new VPS Reseller Hosting plans.

What is Reseller VPS Hosting?

As the name implies, Reseller VPS Hosting bundles the same great features found in our traditional Reseller Hosting plans (which work through a shared hosting environment) and put them onto a VPS platform.

InMotion Hosting Reseller VPS includes the following:

  • WHMCS License – This control panel makes it simple to setup a payment gateway and support ticket section for your customers. Use WHMCS to create invoices, manage taxes, or automate domain reselling, just to name a few things. For more information see our full article What is & how to use WHMCS.
  • eNom Domain Reseller Account – Utilize the 3rd party eNom service to resell domain registrations to your customers. After signing up for Reseller VPS hosting you can Create a New eNomCentral Account in AMP, then setup WHMCS, and set your price to begin reselling domains.
  • Softaculous – Softaculous is an addon to cPanel that makes it easy for your customers to install WordPress, Drupal, and other content management systems (CMSs). After entering your initial settings, installation only takes a single click. Once your site software is installed you can manage it by creating / restoring backups or pushing updates right from Softaculous. Check out our Softaculous Product Guide for more information.
  • A White-Labeled Server – Your VPS will have no InMotion Hosting Branding in cPanel or WebHost Manager (WHM), which means you can add your own custom branding. This further customizes your Reseller VPS accounts and helps you build brand awareness. For more details, see our full post that explains What is White-Labeling and How Does it Work?
  • Non-Branded Servconfig Nameservers – This lets you point domains you are hosting to custom nameservers so you can manage their DNS. Since they are unbranded, your customers will not be aware that they are being hosted on InMotion servers. Check out our guide on Using Custom Nameservers as a Reseller to get started.
  • Root Access – Reseller VPS customers also have the option to request root access, just like regular VPS webhosting customers. This gives you the highest level of access to your server via WHM and SSH. When logged in as the root user, you can make custom server modifications such as changing firewall rules or installing additional software.

Reseller VPS Hosting currently comes in four levels, consistent with our regular VPS Hosting plans: 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB. Visit our Reseller VPS Hosting page for details about pricing and information about how to order.

Enjoy high-performance, lightning-fast servers with increased security and maximum up-time with our Managed VPS Hosting!

I Already Use a VPS to Resell Hosting? Can I Upgrade to Reseller VPS?

Absolutely! Many customers have used a VPS server in the past to create their own reseller businesses. Of course, they did this without the benefit of the many tools we provide as part of a Reseller Hosting plan. For most, that meant setting up their own means of billing, provisioning accounts, purchasing domains, etc. It also probably meant a lot of extra time, effort, and expense.

Reseller VPS Hosting, on the other hand, adds these powerful tools for you as part of the regular price of the service. They allow for a seamless means of managing customers, billing, provisioning, and much more. All of this can be done from within the Account Management Panel (AMP), and require no outside software or subscription fees. If you have existing customer accounts, simply import the relevant information and let the powerful suite of Reseller tools do much of the work for you. WHMCS, a part of the Reseller VPS Hosting product, even automates your billing, sending invoices, collecting payments, calculating taxes, and more!

Why Should I Use Reseller VPS Hosting?

In one word: control. Reseller VPS Hosting offers far more control over your server than a traditional shared Reseller Hosting account. For example, many find they would like to add additional software to their server. A VPS account offers the power and control to install and run such additional applications. In fact, a number of other modifications become possible with a VPS platform that users cannot do on their own (or at all) in a shared hosting environment.

This might include developing a custom hosting environment to truly differentiate your hosting brand in the marketplace. PHP frameworks can be configured to have a secure foundation from the start. You can block email sent from specific countries and IP addresses to maintain a stable domain reputation. Such features support eCommerce marketing by mitigating cyber intrusions and the possibility of having your email marked as spam.

Basic security features such as SSL certificate management are of course included. You could better secure your Reseller VPS by setting up DNSSEC, making custom firewall rules, or installing security software like CSF and ClamAV. This might reduce the need for a content delivery network (CDN) to maintain uptime for international visitors.

Of course, beyond the control you will have with a Reseller VPS Hosting account, you may also prefer it because it offers your clients more power and speed, too. VPS servers share resources among fewer customers than shared hosting environments, reducing the overall load the hardware experiences. That tends to mean faster performance for the websites living on those servers. You can even choose your data center location for less distance from where most of your visitors’ traffic originates.

Ready to Try Out the Power, Speed, and Control offered by Reseller VPS Hosting?

If you want to take your Reseller Hosting experience to the next level, you need to try our new Reseller VPS Hosting. You simply cannot beat it for power, speed, and control. Plus, with all of the incredible tools of a traditional Reseller Hosting account married to the benefits of a VPS server, you will fall in love with your Reseller Hosting business all over again. If you want to see just how much more you can get with Reseller VPS Hosting, or speak with one of our knowledgeable salespeople today.

Imagine having the power to provide top-notch hosting services to your clients, while also building your own hosting empire. Start your Reseller Hosting journey with InMotion Hosting now!

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