cPanel Pricing Changes — FAQ

In order to provide additional information about upcoming cPanel pricing changes, InMotion Hosting has provided a detailed listing of Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I have to pay more?

cPanel has changed its pricing structure from unlimited usage to a usage-based pricing system. We are forced to adjust our product pricing to accommodate these changes, unfortunately.

When will prices increase again?

For new customers, the increase will take place on December 1, 2019. For existing customers, the pricing changes will take place for hosting plan renewals occurring after January 31, 2020.

How much will the next price increase be?

This information is not currently available, but it will be communicated in a follow-up email once cPanel shares more details.

Do you have an alternative to cPanel?

We do not currently offer an alternative to cPanel, but you are welcome to install your own third-party control panel on your server, understanding that we may not be able to provide support for it. Do note that you cannot uninstall cPanel from a Managed VPS. If you don’t need cPanel at all or want to use your own control panel, consider moving to a self-managed VPS.

Can I receive a refund?

InMotion is not providing refunds for cPanel’s price increase. (Account cancellations will still follow normal refund policies.)

Will my customers be affected by this change?

Your customers will be unaffected by this change. All services will continue to function as normal.

Will the increase be billed yearly or in one lump sum?

The increase will be built into your monthly bill, but for Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated plans, billing for your cPanel license will always be done monthly.

Can I spread the payment out?

The increase will be built into your monthly bill.

Does my website have to move to a new server?

Your website does not have to be moved. All accounts and services will function as normal.

What about my email? Will I still get the email?

You will still receive your email. All accounts and services will function as normal.

I access my email through my cPanel. Where do I access my email with the change?

Email will still be accessed through your cPanel, as normal.

Are you going to auto-charge my credit card for this increase?

The price adjustment will be built into your bill. Your account will continue to auto-renew for services to the card on file. You can set the schedule for your Renewal Reminder emails in your Account Management Panel (AMP).

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