FAQ – Installing programs with Softaculous

Can I install more than one program on my account?

Yes, you can install more than one program on your account. You can install programs onto subdomains, addon domains, and in separate folders. The following table gives examples of what your URLs will look like for each option, as well as how you would set it up within softaculous.

Installation TypeExample URLHow to
Subdomainstore.example.comTo install software on a subdomain using Softaculous:

  1. Create a subdomain
  2. When choosing a domain during the installation process (the Choose Domain setting), chose the subdomain you just created.
Foldersexample.com/storeOn the Softaculous installation page, enter the subfolder name for the In Directory setting. For example, if you wanted example.com/store, enter the store as the In Directory option.
Addon domainSecondDomain.comTo install software on an addon domain:

  1. Ensure you’ve first properly set up the addon domain
  2. When choosing a domain during the installation process (the Choose Domain setting), chose the addon domain you created.
Temporary URLbiz###.inmotionhostingcom/~userna5If your domain name is not yet pointing to our servers, you can install programs onto your temporary URL. When choosing a domain during the installation process (the Choose Domain setting), chose your temporary URL (which will look similar to biz###.inmotionhosting.com).

4 thoughts on “FAQ – Installing programs with Softaculous

  1. How do I go about installing software (like a softaculous application) so that my cpanel users will see it under the “Software” section as soon as their cpanel is created?


    1. Hello David,

      Thank you for your question. You can purchase a Softaculous License from AMP (Account Management Panel).

      Our system administration team will then order a license for your server and proceed to install Softaculous for you. Once this has completed you’ll be notified by email again.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

      Thank you,

    2. I´m doing a Moodle 2.9 installation with softaculous, even though I´m using the right advised type of password, even using the ones suggeted by the password generator I,m getting the following error:
      The following errors were found :
      Password must contain one uppercase, one lowercase, one digit and one special character

      What ma I doing wrong or there is a bug with the softaculous installation,…?

      Marcelo Cotroneo

    3. Hello Marcelo,

      Please try again with the installation. I did not have an issue and I used a very silly password: Password123! (don’t use that one though!)

      The install allowed that password, though I did intentionally make it fail first as a control test.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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