Make Changes to ID Protect (Domain Privacy) in eNomCentral

ID Protect (domain privacy) is typically added or not added through eNomCentral when a web hosting reseller registers a domain. Changes to the ID Protect settings are made through the eNomCentral account interface. Follow the steps to learn more about changing ID Protect(domain privacy) settings in eNomCentral.

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Changing ID Protect Settings

  1. Login to your eNomCentral account.
  2. Under the Reseller Quick Links, click on Manage Domains.
  3. Select the Domain that you wish to edit.
  4. Click on Edit Your ID Protect Settings.
  5. Click on Save to save your settings.
Click on Edit your ID Protect settings
Click on Edit your ID Protect settings

Congratulations, you now know how to change ID Protect settings in the eNomCentral interface! To learn more about eNomCentral and Reseller Hosting, see the Reseller Hosting Product guide.

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