Migrating Customer Profiles to Your Reseller Account

When working with your reseller clients. You may have people sign up with you that already have hosting accounts elsewhere. You will need to move their accounts over to your reseller server. Below we quickly discuss the different methods of migrating accounts and link to the insructions for each.

Migrating From Another cPanel Host

If the other host also uses the cPanel software, then the transfer will be fairly simple. This will only work, however, if the account size is under 3GB. If that is the case, you will need to migrate using the rules for a non-cPanel host. Check out our guide on migrating from a cPanel host to your reseller account.

Migrating From a Non-cPanel Host

If the account you want to migrate is hosted on a non-cPanel host OR it is a cPanel host but the account size is larger than 3GB, you will need to perform the steps manually. For this, follow our guide on How to Migrate an Account From Another cPanel host

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