How to determine your MySQL or MariaDB version number

When working with phpMyAdmin and PHP, you will often use a programming language called SQL, which is the way your program will talk to your database. This language talks through a system called MySQL or MariaDB to update, create, and delete information from the program’s databases. At times, you may end up troubleshooting various errors Read More >

How to Verify Your Account for Support

What is Verification? When you need assistance with your account and reach out to our Live Support team, you may be asked to provide verification of your account. Verification is a method we use to confirm that the person contacting us is authorized to have changes made to the account. This often is the account Read More >

MariaDB: Adding and Removing Indexes

Database tables often need altering during their life cycle. As your needs change, the data you store will often need to change to reflect these needs. Perhaps you recently added a column to your database, or you find out that certain columns are getting searched. In this article, we will explore how to add and Read More >

Setting the Max Emails Per Hour Setting in WHM

Our Shared Hosting accounts have a maximum hourly email limit of 250. This means that no account can send out more than 250 emails per hour. This limit is removed for VPS and Dedicated Hosting, however. This means that domains on those accounts can send out an unlimited amount of emails per hour. While this Read More >

Setting up Google Workspace MX Records in cPanel

One of our newest features for our Shared Hosting accounts allows you to connect your site to Google Workspace with a one-click wizard. Many customers use Google Apps for their business and would like to have that set up for their site. While simple, it can be tedious. We understand that, so we added the Read More >

Setting Domain MX Records to Remote Settings in cPanel

MX records (short for mail exchanger records) are DNS (Domain Name System) resources that specify a server that will be handling your email for your domain. When working with the default settings, you will likely never need to adjust your MX records settings on your server. Some people have an external DNS manager that has Read More >

How to Disable Modules in Magento 2.x

Magento has many different modules included by default. These modules extend and enhance the functionality of your Magento site. Should you decide that you do not want to have the functionality of one or more modules, you can disable it from within your admin dashboard. The instructions below will guide you on how to disable Read More >

West Coast Data Center Connectivity Issue

Status: Partially resolved. Who is impacted? All accounts located on the West Coast Data Center Estimated time until resolution: We currently do not have an estimated time to resolution. 2017.05.08 7:44am EDT We are still having intermittentpacket loss with with connectivitiy to the West Coast Data Center. 2017.05.08 We are having intermittentpacket loss with with Read More >

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