How to connect to MySQL with Navicat

Download Navicat

You can connect to your server MySQL databases using Navicat. Navicat is a “Remote MySQL database tool” that allows you access to your database from your local home computer. To connect with navicat you will need to download the software. We will download the following version:

Navicat for MySQL 10.1.8

Download and Install Navicat

You can download navicat at the following url. This version is a Trial version. Navicat is not free they do require a payment to get the Trial removed from your installation.

Once you get the Executable for the program saved to your computer. Click the Installer icon to install Navicat.

Add your IP to Remote MySQL

Click Remote MySQL

Before you can get Navicat to connect, you will need to add your IP to the Remote MySQL connection.

You can do this by Logging into your cPanel click the Remote MySQL icon in the Databases section.

Add IP to Remote MySQL

Add your IP to the Add Access Host and Click Ad host.
For more detailed information on how to do this please see our article on Setting up a Remote MySQL connection in cPanel.

Steps to connect to your database with Navicat

  1. Open Navicat.
  2. Click the Connect button Navicat

    Click the Connection button at the top right of Navicat.

  3. Click Test Connection Navicat

    Enter your Database Connection credentials.

    Database Credentials

    Connection name: Name this whatever you want
    Host Name/IP Address: Use your Domain name or Your cPanel IP address
    Port: 3306
    User Name: Your cPanel user or database user that was created
    Password: he cPanel or created user password

    Click Test Connection.

  4. Successfull connection Navicat

    You should get a Connection Successfulpop up.

    If not you will need to check the IP in Remote MySQL or check your username and password you are using. You also may need to use the IP and not your domain.

    Click Ok.

  5. Click Done Navicat

    Click Ok again to accept the Connection Settings.

  6. View databases in Navicat

    Your Database connection will show in the left pane listing the names of the database. Click one of the databases to look at the tables.

    View tables in database of Navicat

    Now you can see all the options in Navicat. The tables will list in the main window.

32 thoughts on “How to connect to MySQL with Navicat

    1. Cleardb and Navicat are third-party products. You can look into online resources like Stack Overflow for details on connecting your database with Navicat. Or you may want to contact the developer of Navicat for additional assistance.

    1. I recommend ensuring your user’s privileges are properly set up for access to that database. If they are then you may need to reset the password.

  1. Hello – I have navicat essentials for mac. 

    When i open Navicat and connect through the localhost connection i have – it connects but does not show the list of databases on localhost. If i connect on terminal through the same user – i can see the list of databases in there. Same user – and Navicat is connecting with the credentials. Just that i cannot see the list of the databases in it on localhost.

    Any suggestions please

    1. Hello,

      When you connect with Navicat, it is connecting through a user and port that enables it to look at a single database at a time. It is not a replacement for the application (phpMyadmin) that is installed on the server for that purpose. You can build a library of connected databases using remoteMySQL connections, but it will not list all of the databases for you to open like phpMyAdmin does. I hope this helps to explain it. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  2. when I try to connect, I get the the error message 1130-Host W231 is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

    1. Hello Sheila,

      Thank you for contacting us. Since you are getting a “not allowed” message, ensure you have added your IP address to remoteSQLas described above, which allows access to the server by adding the IP to the firewall.

      Thank you,

  3. I am trying to make new connection with navicat, but I am not able to which username and passwod I should give to it, I am using wampserver phpmyadmin without any username or password. please help

    1. The credentials (username and password) for navicat would be the ones for the database you are connecting to. If you are not using any, try without it, but it should at least have a username.

  4. I recommend people also investigate some open-source options such as HeidiSQL or SQuirreL.  Myself, I have just downloaded HeidiSQL as it is licensed under the GPL 2.0.

    1. Thanks for the comment Adam. I agree with you, HeidiSQL works very well. You can also download the phpMyAdmin client from here.

      Arnel C.

  5. hello jeffma i have a problem with navicat …

    1. when i open procedure in database it dones not show me any procedure 

    when i change ip it shows me all procedure i have made what should i do to see all procedure i have made for my database please help


    1. Hello afzaal,

      If you are one of our customers, you cannot run stored procedures on our shared servers and can only do so on VPS and Dedicated accounts with the MySQL root account.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  6. Hi,


    Do you have walkthrough how to connect to a remote mysql without cpanel, on ubuntu just using command line to setup whatever is done using cpanel.

    Thank you for your time,



    1. Hello Nick,

      You can connect to the MySQL directly with VPS and Dedicated servers, and even some shared servers using SSH. Remote connection is done through programs such as NaviCat or HeidiSQL. None of these methods use the cPanel itself.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

    1. To add a new row in Navicat, click the “+” button in the navigation bar once within the desired table. You can also press Ctrl+N to add a new row as well.

  7. Good.  But … what do we do with the error message:  too many connections.  Need to flush-host.  

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