What is MariaDB?

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MariaDB is an open source relational database management system based on MySQL. It is a fork or developmental derivative of MySQL and provides a replacement for MySQL as well. The database was developed after MySQL was acquired by the Oracle Corporation. One of MariaDB’s strengths is that it focuses on security for the database with the MariaDB team continually finding and fixing security issues for both MySQL and MariaDB. In terms of compatibility, MariaDB is made to be a database solution where you can move a MySQL database directly into the MariaDB system easily.

What are the advantages of using MariaDB?

Aside from the better security, MariaDB also has improved performance, better query optimizers, faster joins, and PAM support (Pluggable Authentication Modules – see What is PAM for further information). MariaDB also supports far more storage engines. These include ColumnStore, Aria, Spider, Cassandra and others. There also far fewer bugs and warnings in MariaDB and a variety of extensions available. Finally, the makers of MariaDB are dedicated to keeping the code of MariaDB open source.

MariaDB Versioning

The versions of MariaDB are identical to MySQL through version 5.5. It offers all of the MySQL 5.5 features. After version 5.5, MariaDB versions start at 10. This is to indicate that not all of the features from MySQL will be imported. The current stable release of MariaDB is 10.2.

Can I use MariaDB with my InMotion Subscription?

Yes, but currently only VPS or Dedicated web hosting accounts can install MariaDB.Root access is required to install MariaDB yourself. Note that once you upgrade to MariaDB,you will not be able to downgrade to the older version without doing a complete restoration of a backup of your entire installation.

For more information on MariaDB

The development of MariaDB is a community effort. For more information please see the MariaDB Website.

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