4 Things to Consider when Registering a Domain Name

Registering your domain name is an important part of launching your web presence. Your domain is the start of your online journey, allowing the creation of your email address(es) and website. If your domain name includes relevant keywords for your products or services, it can also help attract potential new customers when they’re searching online.   

When deciding on your domain name, there are a few things you should keep in mind to assist with the success of your online efforts. This article will outline the considerations you should take when registering a new domain name.

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Take great care when deciding the spelling of your domain name. It should embody your business and/or your services and be easy for potential customers to remember and find. Be cautious of making your domain name an abbreviated stream of letters/number, or making your domain name too long. For example, if your business name was Nashville Corner Bakery and Sweets, NCBS.com may be hard for people to remember. However, nashvillecornerbakeryandsweets.com is also too long and will be subject to human error when typed into a browser search bar or email. Additionally, weddingtreats.com or savorybakedtreats.com may silo your business too much and limit your reach to potential customers. 

For your domain, try to find the sweet spot between your business name/service and a realistic length and spelling for your domain name. Again, you want something that will be easily remembered, typed and found when searched. But try to avoid special characters or symbols.

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

Top-level domain (TLD or domain extension), is the portion that follows after your domain name. For example, inmotionhosting is the domain name and .com is the TLD. Originally, TLD was implemented to help further categorize domains and increase the number of domains available to the public. This allows websites to have the same domain but be completely separate, like wordpress.com and wordpress.org. While .com is still the most popular TLD, there many options such as .org, .edu, .gov, or .uk. The prices will differ based on the TLD. Also .gov and .mil are restricted to the military and government agencies. Consider checking if a new TLD fits your brand.

Domain Privacy

When you register your domain name, your personal information is posted to a public database called WHOIS. The information is accessible to anyone, which isn’t good practice in today’s digital landscape. However, domain privacy allows you to hide your personal information posted on WHOIS, securing the information used to register the domain. InMotion Hosting offers domain privacy, showing our information instead of yours. Learn more about our domain privacy service and protect your personal information when registering your domain name. 


As you work towards building your web presence, resources concerning time and money can quickly become strained. As an advocate for small businesses, we understand the difficulty of getting started, especially in the digital space. However, when you purchase a 12 or 24-month hosting plan with InMotion, you receive a free domain name or domain name transfer

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