Updated ICANN Transfer Policies

Updated domain transfer policies set forth by ICANN are scheduled to take effect 1 December 2016. We want to make sure all our customers who have domains registered with us are aware of the changes and how they are being mitigated. Please review our updated terms of service.

In light of these changes, the Domain Concierge service will be temporarily unavailable.

In general, contact information changes will now be considered equal to a change of ownership. This means a change in the first name, last name, organization name, or admin email will be considered a change of ownership and will set the standard 60-day transfer lock on the domain.

Make certain that any significant DNS changes are made and propagated before considering a domain transfer.

Transfer Policy Summary

Changes to the transfer policy involve a series of confirmations triggered by a change of ownership request or an update to the whois contact information. Our parent registrar, OpenSRS, will be assigned as a Designated Agent to reduce unnecessary contact.

However, should a change of contact information occur, a confirmation email will be sent to the new owner. If these email confirmations are ignored, it will stop the transfer process.

For more detailed inquiries about the specifics of the transfer policy and some common scenarios, please visit the official OpenSRS documentation.

Registrant Contact Changes and Transfer Locks

Requests to modify the owner of a domain begins a process of confirmations. If OpenSRS has been approved as a Designated Agent then changes will be auto-approved for the current owner, but the new owner will receive confirmation.

Please review changes made to the terms of the OpenSRS Registration Agreement.

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