How to Write and Send Email

How to write and send email

If you’re new to the web and are trying to launch and/or build a web presence, mastering email should be at the top of your task list. Email is a major communication method for online users and is usually the top communication vehicle for customers trying to get in touch with you. 

Email not only connects you with your audience, but it also allows you to engage in email marketing campaigns — giving you the ability to increase your business through encouraging engagement and sales. 

If you’re not comfortable with the ins and outs of email, that’s okay! This article will guide you on how to write and send email like a pro no matter the web client you’re using.

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Writing and Sending Emails Per Mail Client

Though the general steps of writing and sending an email are similar, the interface of every mail client is different. Because of this, we have created guides on the Webmail email clients to help you learn how to write and send email easily. Also, because of the similar steps it takes to write and send an email, you can use the below-linked guides for assistance with other mail clients (i.e. Gmail or Thunderbird) as well. Please see the below for guidance on how to write and send an email with the mail client you’re using:

Understanding Bulk Email 

There are two options when sending an email to multiple addresses at once: carbon copy (CC) or blind carbon copy (BCC). Knowing the difference between CC and BCC is important when mastering and using email. It will also help you follow best email practices and avoid email faux pas that could strain business relations.

Please keep in mind that our servers are restricted to sending emails to no more than 50 recipients at one time. Also, there is a bulk email limit of 250 emails per hour. This limit can be adjusted. For more information please read Bulk Email Exemption Request.

  • Carbon Copy (CC): Allows you to send an email to multiple recipients at one time, however, everyone on the list of recipients can see who received the email as well. This is best used with a small, familiar group of recipients as most people do not want their email addresses shared with parties they do not know.
  • Blind Carbon Copy (BCC): Similar to carbon copy, blind carbon copy allows you to send an email to multiple recipients but everyone on the list of recipients cannot see who received the email. BCC hides the email list. 

    This option is best used when sending an email to a large group of recipients, especially when emailing customers or business acquaintances. Again, it’s bad practice to share the contact information of others without their permission.

Email Marketing Resources

After you master the basics of email, considering using it to engage in email marketing. Fully utilizing email to further reach and market to your audience has the potential to dramatically increase audience engagement, website traffic, business, and more. Here are a few great resources to assist you with your email marketing efforts:

To learn more about email, please visit the Email section of our Support Center. If you’re ready to take the next step in your digital journey, learn more about our professional web design packages.

There are advanced ways to use email: learn more about plus addressing!

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