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Getting started with Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting Product Guide

Linux Cloud Server Hosting is a self-managed virtual private server with a bare operating system (OS) that you can fully customize to meet complex needs. Popular uses include:

  • Private server with dedicated resources for databases, online gaming, virtual private networks (VPNs), etc.
  • Web applications you don’t want sharing resources with a control panel you don’t need
  • Dev ops and testing on multiple OSs at any time
  • Server cluster automation

There are many more benefits of unmanaged server hosting. This product guide is designed to provide tutorials for the most common tasks, including data migration and software development, in one place.

If you’re still curious about the benefits of an unmanaged Linux server, read our blog explaining the features between Managed VPS and Cloud Server Hosting.

InMotion Ansible Control Node

Do you manage multiple web servers? Learn how you can start automating tasks now with our Ansible Control Node, free with our Cloud Server Hosting plans. Learn more about Ansible now!

Getting Started with Cloud VPS Hosting

Here are some common tasks you’ll need to know how to achieve when getting started with an unmanaged Linux server.

Transferring Websites

Transferring from another web hosting provider or cPanel server? These guides can help you find the best migration method for you.

Linux Operating Systems

We offer three of the most popular Linux operating systems for cloud VPS applications. Re-OS between the three distributions at any time in AMP. 

cPanel Control Panel Alternatives

Manage your Linux Cloud Server Hosting with one of these free server control panels and cluster management applications.

Other Important Tasks

Other Cloud Server Hosting Tutorials