What is ConvertKit for weForms?

ConvertKit is an email marketing service that you can use to send emails, newsletters, or other email content that can help to grow your audience. It can be integrated into your WordPress site using weForms. You can then gather customer information and start marketing campaigns that help to generate sales leads for your business. In Read More >

How to Use the Date/Time Field in weForms

When you want a user to add the date or time to your form then you will need to use the date/time field. The date and time can provide the information needed for a past event, or help to set the deadline for an upcoming event. You can also use it to mark your present Read More >

How to Use the File Upload Feature in weForms

There will be times when you create a form and require a document or some type of file that is needed to be uploaded to the server. weForms provides two fields for file uploads that can be added to a form – Image Upload and File Upload. This article will guide you through creating a Read More >

PDF Form Submissions in weForms

You can easily download a PDF copy of any submitted form using PDF Form Submissions. The PDF format’s strength is that it is typically easy to access in spite of the platform that you might be using. So, if you create a PDF form, then it will be easy to share. Since your customers may Read More >

Why You Should Upgrade your weForms Plugin

The weForms plugin is InMotions#1 recommended forms plugin. Though you get the basic functionality from the free version of the plugin, there are a wide variety of use cases that could apply to a customer’s business needs. For example, you can create forms based on conditional logic to collect information from customers or provide notifications Read More >

How to Add Google Maps in weForms

One of the more common forms that you will use with weForms is the Contact Form. Along with your contact information, it is now common to include a map of your location. weForms includes the ability to add Google Maps making this task very simple. The following article will show you where to add your Read More >

How to Enable reCaptcha in weForms

One of the problems that a website form will have is how to prevent automatic entries from a robot. These spam entries may often cause issues with the actual data being collected by the form. To prevent this from happening weForms is able to use Google’s reCaptcha. Follow the instructions below to learn how to Read More >

How to Integrate MailChimp with weForms

MailChimp is an online email marketing platform. weForms allows you to integrate with this powerful tool through its forms. This tutorial shows you how to integrate MailChimp into weForms. You will see how to enable the module, configure it in weForms settings, and set up a contact form that makes use of MailChimp. How to Read More >

How to Add Payments in weForms

weForms can create forms for your WordPress site that are set up to take up Payments. Payments in weForms require that you, enable the payments module, set up a payment processor, and create a form for the payment. Follow the steps below to learn how to set up weForms to receive payments. How to Enable Read More >