How to Create an Embedded or Standalone Form Using HubSpot

HubSpot CRM allows one to create embedded or standalone forms that gather or provide information to your customers.  For example, you may have a standalone survey form that a customer opts to view. This tutorial will walk you through creating and using these forms for your business endeavors. What are Embedded or Standalone Forms Embedded Read More >

How to Create Pop-up or Moving Forms with HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM can create pop-up or moving forms that appear on WordPress posts or pages to provide quick responses, display information, or trigger automated sequences for your customers.  Providing these forms promotes positive interaction and opportunities with your website visitors to help expand your user base and increase your revenues. This tutorial will walk you Read More >

How to Create a New Marketing Email in HubSpot

HubSpot can create emails used for marketing purposes. These marketing emails allow you to reach out to your customers to provide an immediate or planned response.  HubSpot helps you create and send these emails with templates and a design interface. Three Types of Marketing Emails HubSpot can create regular, automated, or blog emails.  Regular emails Read More >

How to Create and Edit Tickets in HubSpot

Creating tickets is a form of contact in HubSpot. It allows you to record interactions that require further action in the form of support, negotiations, or decision-making.  Tickets are often associated with support problems, but they can be used for any interaction between you and the client.  This benefits your business by providing accurately tracked Read More >

How to Set Up a Live Chat in HubSpot

One of the great features of HubSpot is the ability to use chat. The availability of chats gives your customers immediate access to ask questions, get answers, or provide feedback. The chat option benefits your company and your customers by giving them another way to communicate. This tutorial will walk you through setting up a Read More >

How to Create Lists in HubSpot

Lists organize your contacts and are an important tool in HubSpot CRM. Creating lists allows you to use marketing segments that categorize your customers. This aids your email marketing efforts by identifying who should receive your marketing emails. This tutorial will describe the two main types of lists and then show you how to create Read More >

How to Create Deals Using HubSpot

HubSpot allows you to track your customer interactions, including the opportunities when you or your customer have discussed the possibility of a deal. A deal is an agreement between you and a customer to purchase a service or product. HubSpot allows you to create, track, and manage a deal for your business. This tutorial will Read More >

How to Add Contacts in HubSpot

Using the Contacts in HubSpot lets you record the activity between you and a client or potential client.   This information helps you make better decisions and track your interactions with a company or an individual.  Better relations and understanding will help to keep your business moving forward. This tutorial will show you how to use Read More >

How to Manage a List in HubSpot

HubSpot enables you to manage your lists through various functions. You can edit a list, view the performance of a list, filter information in lists, and add or remove lists. Using these options, organize your customer data to make it more efficient and easier to work with. Keeping your contacts in order and up-to-date keeps Read More >

Installing and Connecting HubSpot for WordPress

HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics is a free plugin that provides a versatile custom relations management solution for your business when installed on your WordPress site. Enabling the solution will require that you install the plugin and then create or connect an existing HubSpot account. We will walk you through Read More >

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