iPhone – Get the Most From Your Phone

iPhone - Get the Most From Your Phone

If you are using an Apple iPhone, you have the ability to connect it to your web hosting account. Once set up, you can use your phone to send and receive email, or manage a calendar. We include guides to help you get it all setup, so you can get the most out of your device. There’s also guides to help you troubleshoot some of the common problems that you will run into.

Keep in mind that all InMotion’s WordPress Hosting plans include unlimited email accounts.

iPhone Basics

Some of the most common steps when using an iPhone are finding your email settings for iOS then configuring email. Then you can learn how to send and receive emails, enable push notifications, and more with these walk-through guides. 

iPhone Management

Once you have your iPhone set up, there are more options available that can be modified or configured. Learn about how to change the swipe options, block/unblock senders, save images to your phone, and fix server errors with the iPhone tutorials to the right.

Latest iPhone Tutorials

Explore more of the latest iPhone tutorials below. 

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