Important Joomla 4.0 Update

There was an important notice provided by Joomla that affects new Joomla 4.0 installations.  They produced an update that will affect anyone updating from version 4.04.   Not making these changes will result in a failure for updates beyond version 4.04.  If you are using only the core files, then the change will not apply to Read More >

Joomla Development Tips for New Sites

Joomla development requires you to do quite a bit of work up front if you want your site to look both presentable and unique. That said, there are a number of small, helpful tips you can use to make your early site development experience as manageable as possible. Below we cover a few things you Read More >

Understanding Template Issues When Migrating to Joomla 4.0

Working with Joomla sites requires that you work with a particular template that determines how your site will appear on the front end.  If you are using an earlier version of Joomla (earlier than 4.0), then you will need to plan on updating your template to be compatible with Joomla 4.0.  One of the main sticking Read More >

Joomla Autosave Extension

Joomla has a lot going for it as a content management system, but one common complaint is a lack of built in autosave. Don’t worry, though — it’s easy to enable Joomla autosave functionality with a popular extension. Install Joomla Autosave Set-up Joomla Autosave Some Notes on Configuration Options Using Your Editor with Autosave Other Read More >

Learning About the Menu Interface in Joomla 4.0

When you think about menus on a website you begin to understand their importance for your viewers. Menus provide the necessary navigation interface for the content of your site. Without menus, your visitors would be unable to get to your content unless they know the specific link to find what they’re looking for. Joomla 4.0 Read More >

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