Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting Product Guide

Managed VPS Hosting Product Guide

Managed VPS Hosting is a powerful web hosting solution that includes your choice of cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM), or Control Web Panel (CWP), for managing critical server administration functions including, but not limited to:

  • Websites and applications
  • Email
  • DNS Records
  • Security
  • IT Automation

There are many benefits to a Managed VPS Hosting account, not to be confused with Cloud Server Hosting. This product guide is designed to help you find tutorials for common tasks, such as website transfers, and more advanced initiatives like server hardening and optimization.

Also, get familiar with the Account Management Panel (AMP) for VPS customers. If you need assistance with a specific issue, contact Live Support or ask our Community Forum.

If you are using a AlmaLinux 8 on a VPS (or dedicated server), you can find your version of PHP and the supported versions of PHP in this article: Find PHP Version and Options of Your Server.

Getting Started with Managed VPS Hosting

Transferring Websites & Emails

Transferring websites or emails from another web hosting provider or InMotion account? These articles can guide you through the migration process from moving the data, updating DNS records, and reviewing your work before publishing to the public web.

cPanel & WHM

cPanel and WHM are very flexible, fully-featured server management software. There are new features added in every major update. Learn more in-depth information about how to modify cPanel and WHM features and why.

Control Web Panel

Control Web Panel (CWP), formerly known as CentOS Web Panel, is a server administration software for Linux systems. CWP has a long list of features for managing an unmanaged server from the web browser, easing the learning curve for novice users unfamiliar with the command-line interface (CLI).

Email Configuration

Basic Server Configuration

Advanced Server Configuration

Server Cybersecurity

Other Important Tasks

Once you’ve finished setting up your server, these articles can help you discover ways to improve your server performance, workflow, and overall business success.

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