Getting Started with Owncast

With complaints of inconsistent moderation standards plaguing social networks, many are looking to host their own data: Blogs with WordPress, Drupal, etc. Social media instances such as Mastodon Video sharing sites like PeerTube And now there’s a self-hosted Twitch alternative – Owncast, a decentralized, single user live video streaming and chat server application. The setup Read More >

How to Create an RSS Feed for a Podcast on

If you’re ready to start your own podcast, you’ll need a service that will store your podcast audio files and can also generate an RSS feed listing your available episodes. The RSS feed URL can then be used to submit your podcast to major podcast sites. This allows your podcasts to be distributed across the Read More >

Manage Podcasts and Episodes with Google Podcasts Manager

Google Podcasts Manager is similar to Google Analytics but built specifically to help podcasters better understand their listeners. With this free tool, you can collect data about the traffic patterns, devices, and demographics of podcast listeners. Understanding your subscribers is an important step when targeting your marketing efforts, especially if you are spending money on Read More >

How to Integrate the Jitsi Mattermost Plugin

Mattermost is an open-source communication system for chatting among remote users in a secure manner. Mattermost has many plugins to streamline your collaborative efforts and run your business remotely. The Mattermost Jitsi plugin offers remote teams an easy, free method for having video conferences. Jitsi Meet is a free open source software (FOSS) available to Read More >

Distance and Remote Learning Platforms

Remote learning (also referred to as distance learning or virtual learning) is rapidly becoming more popular than ever, leading to an increased demand for reliable, feature-rich remote learning solutions. Software such as Moodle, Big Blue Button (BBB), Canvas, and Google Classroom offer video conferencing, screen sharing, and other remote learning tools that can be used Read More >

Installing Big Blue Button (BBB) On Ubuntu

Big Blue Button (BBB) is a free, open source video conferencing solution that can be installed on Ubuntu machines and accessed via web browser. This software provides a free alternative to similar services such as Zoom and Google Meet. In this guide, we will outline how to install Big Blue Button on your Ubuntu machine. Read More >

What is Big Blue Button (BBB)?

While looking for Linux-based Video Conferencing solutions, you may come across Big Blue Button (BBB), a free, open-source video conferencing solution that can be installed on most Linux operating systems. BBB interfaces with other remote learning and conference solutions, making it a powerful tool for online training courses and other collaborative projects. Instead of paying Read More >

How to Install FFmpeg on CentOS with RPM Fusion

FFmpeg is a cross-platform command line interface (CLI) audio editor and video editor with a long range of possibilities for recording, streaming, and converting media files to your preferences. The easiest way to install FFmpeg on CentOS is with the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) repository, which provides more software packages than are available Read More >

How to Install FFmpeg on Debian with APT

The FFmpeg command line interface (CLI) application is a free, versatile audio editor and video editor for Linux, Windows, and macOS. FFmpeg offers a long range of possibilities for recording, streaming, and converting media files to your preferences. Below we cover how to: Install FFmpeg Use FFmpeg Keep in mind, the apt version of FFmpeg Read More >

Streaming with OBS

With online streaming becoming increasingly popular, there are now many options when it comes to streaming software. Streaming software typically involves “capturing” the contents of your computer screen and then broadcasting it to a streaming server. One of the most popular ways to do this is with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a free and open-source Read More >

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