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WordPress is a free, beginner-friendly content management system (CMS) used to create over 37% of all websites on the web today. Originally meant for blogs, WordPress has expanded its capabilities to support eCommerce, forums, donations, and more —  allowing it to continuously gain popularity for its expandability and ease-of-use.

With the power of WordPress themes, plugins, and widgets, no matter your experience level, you can quickly build a WordPress website that engages your audience and grows your business.

Our education channel has over 800 WordPress tutorials and guides sharing tips and tricks to help you bring your website vision to life. You’ll also find WordPress news articles and thought pieces from experienced WordPress users and contributors.

If you have recently purchased one of our WordPress Hosting plans, then welcome! These WordPress tutorials will help get you started, guiding you through this powerful, robust platform. Basically, you’ll learn how WordPress works! Moving to us? Check out our ultimate WordPress Migration Guide.

If you don’t have much experience and you want to learn WordPress but you need to have a full site running fast, we recommend a more “WordPress Website Builder experience” with BoldGrid.

Learn WordPress – Basics

Our basic WordPress Tutorials will take you through the basics of learning WordPress.

If you are more experienced with WordPress you may prefer our 200 level. The tutorials at right are really for those who are just starting on how to use WordPress.

Learn WordPress – Advanced

Our advanced WordPress Tutorials go to the next level with things like migrating sites, troubleshooting plugins, and backing up.

If you are more experienced with WordPress you may prefer our 200 level. The tutorials at right are really for those who are just starting on how to use WordPress.

Learning WordPress’s Default Editor – Gutenberg

WordPress has created a new editor that has been integrated into all WordPress installations. Here are a few basic articles on using and getting to know Gutenberg.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are installable software that adds specific functionality to your website. There are thousands of plugins, both paid and free, that will add everything from a basic contact form to a complex eCommerce store. Use the articles below to explore popular and essential WordPress plugins.

Recommended Plugins

Here at InMotion we have been creating WordPress Tutorials, teaching and running WordPress, and have developed many ways to learn how to use WordPress. We have almost 1,300 tutorials covering numerous subjects.

Why WordPress

Dive deeper into WordPress by learning more about the large community and why WordPress is trusted by millions of users worldwide. Under Why WordPress, you’ll be able to read WordPress advice, history, and trends from active WordPress contributors and experts. Come join the conversation

News Releases

Stay on top of WordPress releases and news. We have you covered from large version updates to security notifications. Read recent WordPress releases and notices.

Latest WordPress Tutorials to Help You Learn

Due to the large scale of our WordPress tutorials, you probably want to either search or look at topics like:

Please note we are adding new categories now, because we recognize that our current 1,300+ WordPress Tutorials and our 4,000+ forum posts have become one of the largest repositories of WordPress information out there – and they are a bit hard to not get overwhelmed. With that being said, you can visit our whole repository of articles here, but we warned, they are big. We even have over 400 How To Articles!

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