Bounce Back Parser

Many times understanding the error numbers listed in these bounce back messages is difficult for the untrained eye. To help in troubleshooting bounce back messages, we’ve created the tool found below, our bounce back parser.

Step 1: Paste your bounce back message below

When you paste in your bounce back message:
  1. Start with the text that says
  2. End end with the line that reads
    ------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------
Refer to the screenshot and text below for an example.
  1. forward the email to yourself Forward the bounce back message to your own email address.
  2. copy the text headers When you receive this forwarded copy of the bounce back message, copy the headers as described above (and highlighted in the screenshot to the right)
  3. Paste what you copied into the box to the right, and then click Submit.

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