Optimize Backup Settings in Backup Manager

If you’ve recently purchased Backup Manager or added it to your account, you may wonder how to use it most effectively. If you have a site at or near your file size limitations, here is some advice on how to optimize your Backup Manager settings. This article looks specifically at optimizing backups to stay under Read More >

Backup Manager’s Exceeded Storage Space Alerts

In this article: In this article, you can learn about the Backup Manager’s Exceeded Storage Space Alerts. You can also learn how to address the alert by maintaining your available backup storage or purchasing more backup slots. Understanding the Alerts Keeping website backups is crucial to ensuring the stability and security of your website data. Read More >

Reseller: Working with Backup Manager

When you are managing child accounts as a reseller, you may find that some are using up more of your backup space than others. All the accounts share the available storage, but you can adjust the allotted disk space. For example, if you have 10GB available and one child account is using up all 10 Read More >

Opt-out or Cancel Your Backup Manager Subscription

This article explains how to opt-out or cancel your subscription to Backup Manager.  With the new Backup Manager, you can manage the date and time schedule of your automated backup service by setting the backups to run daily, weekly, or even at a specific time. Once the backup is completed your data backup will be Read More >

How to Enable/Disable Backups Using the Backup Manager

The InMotion Hosting Backup Manager plugin integrates cPanel with the remote backup system to allow you to maintain your backup data. For instance, you can perform a restoration, monitor the backup storage capacity, and control which data is backed up and how often. In this guide, you can learn how to enable/disable remote backups using Read More >

How to Restore a Database With Backup Manager

InMotion Hosting’s Backup Manager for automated backups has an option to restore databases separately from files and folders. This is similar to restoring backups with cPanel MySQL Databases Below we cover how to restore a backup with cPanel Backup Manager. Note: The Backup Manager is a different tool than cPanel Backup and Backup Wizard. Restore Read More >